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A Streaming Device Allows You To Watch Anything Without A Monthly Subscription?

Are you sick of always being interrupted by long same old commercials while watching TV? The only alternatives you had were Pay-TV or streaming apps. Paid-TV continues to include a lot of commercials, even though you have to pay a ridiculous add-on monthly charge to watch it. All this adds up very quietly and the consumer has no other choice but to accept and pay for it.

The future is here with a unique solution: the Dragon Box

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The Dragon Box is a Home Entertainment Streaming device, which is fully equipped and easily installed to your TV. This all in one Entertainment-System offers every App and program you need to watch whatever you want for FREE.

All you need is a TV & high-speed internet! Just plugged into your TV and get ready for amazing results. The greatest difference the Dragon BOX offers is the fact that you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want – for free!

Dragon Box USA

You simply connect the SMART TV BOX to your TV and with the Internet and after about 10 minutes the box will be automatically set.

So, what’s the secret of the TV-Box? The secret lies in a specially designed App, which will be already preinstalled. This App browser the whole Internet locates and streams every possible content movies, sports, kids shows, adults show and so much more. This makes it possible to get every TV-Show, Blockbuster, Live-Sports-Event or Movie onto your TV. All this without the usual expensive additional charges of other cable or satellite providers do.

The loading times of the Dragon BOX are also very stable, it speed is really good.

You might ask yourself: “Is the Dragon Box even legal?” Yes, the Dragon Box USA is completely legal. Movies, TV Shows and TV Channels can be easily streamed because of a loop hole in the law. The main reason for that is the content isn’t saved on a hard drive, it’s only being streamed. Because the content isn’t ever downloaded or saved permanently, nothing is being violated. 

You can imagine how the TV industry has reacted when the Dragon Box was released. 

Our conclusion

With the Dragon Box, you’ll get access to every TV Show, which usually is very expensive. Sporting events live of your favorite sports team can now easily be watched without any high costs ever. The same goes with the newest movies, tv series & much more. Just relax and enjoy.


The Dragon Box includes the TV Box itself as well as a HDMI Cable and the power supply. You will also get an outstanding remote control, for the easy and perfect handling of your Dragon Box.