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Two Ways To Install Your Dragon Box

  1. Follow the instruction manual that comes with your box
  2. Your installation GUY (Pic On Left) would be happy to come to your home to deliver your Dragon Box (PA & NJ) only. It would be about 30 minutes total to set the Dragon Box Up and I will show you first-hand how to make your Box run in peak performance. ($49 Installation Fee) Call 484 272 2862 after you Order Your Dragon Box To Set Up Appointment Day/Time. 


 Is The Dragon Box Right For Me?

The Dragon Box is perfect for those tired of paying high cable bills for channels that you never watch. With the Dragon Box, enjoy all the shows you love to watch whenever you want. You even have the ability to watch all the latest shows the day and time that they would normally air, but without all the commercials.

The Dragon Box gives you the ability to fully control your entertainment choices as we as allow you to become more financially sensible. Think of all the money you can save without monthly cable bills. 

Going on vacation? Take the Dragon Box with you and use the hotel, RV or vacation home Wi-Fi and have all the same entertainment, without any extra costs.  

* Live Sporting Events, Boxing, MMA, etc..

* NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Nascar, Redzone, Sunday Ticket, etc..

* TV Shows, Amazon/Netfilx/Premium cable programs

* Disney, Karaoke, Fitness programs & workouts, Reality TV, Music, etc..

* Play phone apps on your TV

* View in HD, 4k & 3D

* 24/7 tech support, free updates, and warranty.