Who We Are


The Dragon Box USA transforms your TV into a giant computer! You could have fun playing 1000′s of different games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Cut the Rope. Maybe you and the family would like to watch a full 1080p High Definition movie without having to huddle around the laptop. Or perhaps you have some work you need to get done, with The Dragon Box you can effortlessly check your emails, work on Word, Excel, PDF’s and even PowerPoint documents. All applications can be simply downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

Exactly what is the Dragon Box?
The Dragon Box is a clever TELEVISION box that streams in HD with no monthly FEES or agreements. The Dragon Box acts as a small COMPUTER where you could access public apps to stream flicks, TV programs, live sports, boxing and also UFC events, live streams of your favorite TV networks, as well as 3D movies all in HD. The flick choice is endless even if you’re searching for oldies like Monty Pythons or current movies that are in the theaters. Fed up with waiting on your preferred television shows to show up on Netflix? Wait no more … you will have every episode live. Can you use an added $70-$ 130 a month? Imagine never having to pay for a sporting event such as UFC, NFL, NBA, Boxing, or WWE? Watch them all live in HD! Terminate your cable or Satellite Service provider. No need for a cable for your Dragon box to work. All you need is an internet connection & HDTV. Purchase Your DRAGON BOX Here

How Long Is Delivery After I Purchase?
Normally You will certainly receive your Box within 3 to 7 Days from Purchase. When you purchase your box you will get an e-mail from our company to keep you up to date with your order. You will be provided a number for your order and answer any type of concerns you might have. We provide a 1-year warranty &  24/7 customer access to any questions plus our Facebook Group. 

Exactly How Do I Link It UP?
You do NOT NEED CABLE tv for the Box to function. All you need is an internet connection & HDTV.

Plug In And Power Up.
Attach the High-Speed HDMI wire that featured from your box right into your HDTV.
Run through a brief welcome configuration process. Attach it with Ethernet or Wi-fi. to Connect your Wi-Fi during the setup process. Select your network then a keyboard will appear for you to enter your WiFi password. Hit the back button an launch the Dragon Icon.

Will This Last Or Is It A TREND?
Just pay your internet bill and you get FREE access to everything. These aren’t like the old scramblers or satellite cards. This is a new generation of electronic media. The only reason you would EVER replace your box is if you would break your equipment  So No Need To Be Concern.

What Does It Cost? 

You will pay an ONE TIME FEE of $349.99 US. There are NO MONTHLY FEES OR HIDDEN PRICES. It’s a one-time charge and after that, you will have lifetime access to all the films, PPV, network television, and the list goes on. Don’t hesitate to text me 484 272 2862 ask anything you want and I will help you. Order Your Dragon Box Here

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